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Skin Care Treatments


Men and women alike share a common desire to have a healthy, youthful skin. Exposure to the sun, to the elements, and detrimental living habits all contribute to the appearance of our skin today. The skin treatments have become very popular with those who are concerned about skin aging, acne scarring, sun damaged skin, age spots, freckles, fine lines, rough skin and uneven pigmentation.

A variety of anti aging skin treatment are available at our partner hospitals to suit your needs, desires, time constraints, and your budget. These vary from relaxing and rejuvenating Medical Facials to Injectable procedures with long lasting results.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

This is the MOST comprehensive laser skin treatment available. This treatment is used for  - Acne, Pigmentation, Scars, Acne Scars, Wrinkles and Brown Spots Removal.

Laser treatment is applied in a series of gentle pulses over the specific area. The CoolTouch laser's patented technology utilizes a cryogen mist to protect and cool the skin while the heat of the laser treats the underlying tissue. Light emitted from the laser penetrates the skin, without damaging the surface skin, and is absorbed by the deep skin this triggers your body to repair, rebuild, and replenish the natural skin tissue. This natural reaction stimulates collagen formation. Results are achieved from the inside out. Your skin will begin looking younger and softer as a result of treatment.

Discomfort is minimal and there is a little to no time down time involved. You can apply make-up following treatment and resume regular daily activities immediately.

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